What's a "Global Legal Hackathon"? 

The world is coming together to take on human challenges with a legal dimension by looking ways for technology to make things better.

Quite simply, a hackathon is about quickly creating a proof of concept to address a challenge or serve a need. 

From February 23-25, over 40 cities around the world will host thousands of developers, lawyers, business professionals and others looking to improve access to justice and the legal industry itself through rapid development of innovative ideas using advanced technologies. See here for full Rules and Guidelines

It is being hosted and sponsored by law firms, large corporate legal departments, legal software companies, and law schools. The idea for the GLH originated with Integra Ledger (blockchain for the legal industry) and IBM Watson Legal.

The Global Legal Hackathon is technology agnostic – any technologies, software, and development tools may be used. There is no cost for participants. Participants will form teams, each of which will develop a technology solution of its choice during the course of the weekend. On Sunday evening, all of the teams will present their solutions, and a panel of judges will declare a winner.

All winners from around the world will be reviewed by a global panel of judges, and the finalists will be invited to an awards gala in New York on April 21st, where the global winners will be announced.

In Ottawa, we are inviting teams and individuals with the skills and ideas to make a difference to join us. 

We have the support of major tech companies and the Ottawa start-up community, law students, legal educators, law firms, legal departments, legal tech companies and publishers, lawyer associations and much more...but to be successful, we need YOU to join us!

Bring your ideas or be inspired by the ideas of others and help bring them to life.

The best teams draw on a broad base of skills - technical, legal, business and more.

You can come with a team or find them on opening night!

Prizes and a chance to compete against the best in the world!

In Ottawa, we will establish a range of prize categories and an esteemed panel of judges will select an overall winner according to criteria that will be applied to all participating locations, as well as in the second and final rounds:

Judging Rubric

The judging rubric takes into account three factors: 1) user validation; 2) solution design and implementation; and 3) the business model. You can find a copy of the judging rubric here .

Full competition details are available here.