Ottawa hackathon participants will pitch before an incredible panel of judges like no other!

  • Adam Dodek - Dean, University of Ottawa Law School
  • Martine Boucher - National Chair of the Canadian Bar Association Futures Committee and CEO of Simplex Legal
  • Michael Tremblay - CEO, Invest Ottawa
  • Frederica Wilson - Deputy CEO and Executive Director of Policy and Public Affair, Federation of Law Societies of Canada
  • Richard Tardif - Director General Legal Practices Sector and Head of Innovation Council, Justice Canada
  • Peter Becke - Founder and CEO of Venturing Hills. Peter is a global technology leader, a private equity investor, advisor to CEOs of growth companies and a lawyer by profession


We kick things off on Friday, with world renowned legal market analyst Jordan Furlong who will help put us in the mindset of the significance of a data-driven legal profession

As inspiration, for insight, or simply to give you a break from hacking, we are bring in several great speakers on Saturday to share thoughts on Artificial Intelligence, the changing practice of law and the evolution of legal tech around the world.
  • Prof. Amy Salyzn will talk about privacy issues related to legal apps
  • Walter Knitl will educate us on the Internet of Things
  • Jevin Maltais will help you understand how AI and Machine Learning moving law forward
  • Christiane Saad will get you thinking about the ethical issues associated with AI
  • Joe Sack will demystify blockchain and advance your understanding of applications and future business models
  • Colin Lachance will walk you through the hockey stick of legal tech development (spoiler: we're on the uptick now)

Representatives from Treasury Board Secretariat will also be on hand Saturday afternoon to provide a brief update on federal open government initiatives and facilitate a conversation to help shape Canada’s next plan on open government. We will explore questions such as: What kind of data can be used to improve justice systems and access to justice and who might be responsible for leading legal innovation and challenging traditional legal practices?

Then on Sunday, as we welcome you back to witness the hackers pitch and the judges judge, we also welcome Allen Lalonde, Senior Executive of IBM Canada Innovation, and learn the drivers behind IBM’s cloud strategy, and about its support for innovation centres like Bayview Yards and the communities they foster. 


From all around Ottawa's legal and technology communities, you will be supported by mentors ready to help you work through the tough question and help keep you on track. Look to the Cadence App and the schedule to make an appointment, or flag down one of the roving mentors.