Global Legal Hackathon - Ottawa edition

Watch this space for regular updates on Ottawa event planning as well as updates from around the globe.

We've got some early press from the global organizers about what to expect in Ottawa:
Hackathon organizers in Ottawa expect “a minimum of 150 participants” and “plan to make a splash in this event that will make the other world capitals step up and take notice.”
The article also covers of some of the advanced AI tech that will be made available to hackathon participants:

In a move as generous as it is valuable, vLex LLC, together with Compass / vLex Canada, is offering a version of its advanced artificial intelligence platform — Iceberg — to participants in the Global Legal Hackathon.

The cloud-based AI platform has already helped vLex establish a “machine-driven classification of Canadian legal topics” and apply “deep learning methodologies to create a process for dynamic recommendations of highly similar cases.”

It's expected that several other technology and content sponsors will be stepping forward as the event approaches to make more information and tools available to participants. Quoting again from the same article:
By making its technology available to teams around the world, vLex hopes “it is helping more people go further — faster — in discovering possibilities and identifying solutions,” explains Lachance.